Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At home with the leng cai and leng lui

Forced to put up that title.. With a knife pointed at my throat!! hehehe..
Nola.... my dearest leng cai and leng lui.. I was just kidding...

Love you guys a lot... *hugs and kisses*

Holidays has started again. After a 10month break, i'm only greeted by a short stupid 2weeks break. Only friggin 2weeks!!!!
And as for today, we've ran out of things to do already. We are so "wu liao" until this is what we have came up with....

Sprawling all our MU jerseys that we bought over the past 2 days in the living room :P

See laa.. Are we siao already or what leh???
But look at the amounts of jersey that we have.. Don't be jealous ok! Hehehehe...
There was a cheap sale at JJB. And all the above was bought at either 10 or 15pounds.. for 1 jersey. Not too bad eh?

And as usual, there'll be some picture taking session as well...

Look at us laa.. we have nothing better to do already. The author in the middle of the leng cai and leng lui (ahem..) hehehe...

Anyway, things have been like that for the past few days. Taking a break from ARI.. And this is how we use our non-hospital free time.

ok already.. need to put time into good use liao..

NAP TIME... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, July 1, 2010

In a whole other world

I've realised I have not posted anything in a long long time. So according to people, I usually blame other things rather than me when things ain't going right. And so, if this is the case, I blame Aberdeen. Aberdeen has made me lazy!!

Anyway, this is it.. This is where I am now

It's not always this sunny. Damn...

All the way far up north in the icy cold Scotland. Well its not to say that cold now. I've managed to break into a sweat a couple of times already. Believe me, after being in the cold for so long, you can't imagine how glad I am that I can finally sweat it out. Yay!! Haha.. fine, I'm being a bit weird already.

So far, life has been a bliss.

With eating sprees.. Yeeessss!!! Foooood...

And amazing getaways..

Pingpong matches!!!

And Dimsum every now and then....

So all in all, Aberdeen is not that bad "yet". I still get some sunshine.. At least for now =D

Anyway, classes has started. Am trying to cope as well as I can.
I wish all my friend's the best of luck in whatever block you're in!!!! Will always look forward to weekends to see you guys. Xoxo..

Go Rafa!! With roger out of the competition.. just win the damn title already will you!! =P

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yay!!! The author has finally reached the other side of the world. Ready to start a fun and amazing life in the UK. (Well at least b4 classes starts!! B4 cham..cham...cham.. study study study.. =( oh no.. Haha)

Just wanna tell everyone that i'm fine. Thanks for all those phone calls and emails wondering how i'm doing. Will update again soon.. ;)

Ps: the guards in the pictures,,, they do laugh!!! they do!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Only 10 more days??

I initially started with a 10 month break, but now I've officially got 10more days left back in KL before I have to leave for aberdeen. That is the last double digit number I've got left before the countdown is left to only single digits. =0 Omigosh..

As it may seem a bit sad to do a countdown, I've decided I'm gonna try my best not to count the days.

I am kinda sad. ("I wont even try to deny the fact.") But maybe its just cause this is my first time going "pretty far" away all on my own. In fact, I don't think I've ever gone abroad without mom and dad. See this is what happens when you're too attached to home like me. Always being a mommy and daddy's girl. Becoming tooo "siu jeh" at times too.

So no matter how much I do not wanna go ("I do not wanna leave home so badly right now!!!"), theres a little part of me that is telling me that I must do this. If not, I will never learn to be independent and decide for myself. I'll just be stuck in this phase of life forever!! ("Ok, i'm probably over exaggerating a little, but its kinda true")

But sometimes, I also wish I could runaway from reality. If only I could be like Alice. She went to wonderland when she could not make a decision. Wonder if I could do that too??
Neh.. imagination has gone too far.. Need to come back to reality...

But its never too wrong for one to imagine and dream, right?

Right.. time to snap out of it. Dreaming a little too much at the moment.
10more days to go! =O ("Please, no more counting after this" )

Friday, March 5, 2010

You be the judge

A few days ago, I just heard this sentence. "Don't judge a book by its cover". So we're not suppose to do that.

Too bad that even though sometimes you don't do this to others, others will still do it to you ie. judge you.

No kidding. I just went to the hospital a few days ago to get a chest x-ray done. (Nope, I'm not sick- just some formality for my studies in the uk soon) No need to say which hospital ok. I'm sure you all can guess where I went.

Anyway, when I got to the nurses counter at the x-ray department, I was greeted by 2 'not so friendly' nurses. Fine.. I get it, they are extremely busy. But can at least smile ah?? I remember asking a fairly simple question which went something like this, "I'm furthering my studies to the UK and I'd like to get a chest x-ray done. Can I do it here now?"
To which the nurse replied after looking at me, "Yes we do it here, but you need a letter from your doctor. We won't do it without the doctor's letter. And if its too expensive for you, I think you should go somewhere else to get it done. You don't have to come back here"

(Thought bubble playing in my head..woah how much does an x-ray actually costs. I've never had one in a long long time, so expensive ar???)

So I'm sure you could guess my next question.. Of course its the one dealing with $$$$.. The 'how much I have to pay for it' question.

"It costs RM37.00"

RM37.00!! You see!! I think it was what I was wearing the other day. Just because I had my quite short pair of shorts and a pair of my sleeveless shirt on, the nurse thinks that I could not even afford to whip up RM37.00 for my x-ray. "If its too expensive for you, I think you should go somewhere else to get it done."

See how some people judge from what you have on yourself.. Its a hundred degrees outside. I can wear what I want .. Maybe I could have gone a little overboard with shorts and sleeveless T to the hospital, but still... Never judge a person with just one look. Its not very nice lor..

PS; I still cannot figure out how I'm gonna pack all my stuff for my very long trip. How to fit everything withing a 30kg limit. How do people do it. This is insane. How do people pack light?? I probably have around 50kg worth of stuff to bring over. Kumar & Clark is already 3kg!!!! oh shit..

Friday, January 29, 2010

What I still need to learn when hitting the fuzzy yellow ball over the net…

You can win. But, sometimes you might also lose. It’s a bitter feeling, but sometimes you’ve got to accept it.

Sometimes, decisions need to be made quickly. Hitting the ball down the line (to the opponent’s backhand) or across the court (to the opponent’s forehand) can change everything.

Always be yourself! Play your own game during the match. Why follow your opponent and play his game? Bring your own style into the court. Who cares what others think if you really like to go all pink on court.

Never underestimate the person on the other side of the court. She can be small but boy can she whack the ball!!

Take advantage of every opportunity you’ve got to make that shot a winner. If you miss it, it might never happen again.

Every point counts. A point may change the outcome of a game, which changes the outcome of the set, which in turn changes the outcome of the match.

Run for every ball. Make your opponent play that extra shot. Why let her win so easily? Even if you lose, heck at least you made her work for her win.

If the fuzzy ball comes back at you really fast and hard, be calm and block the ball back. No point giving it a powerful swing as it’ll probably end up flying out of the court.

If you’ve made a mistake, there’s always another chance to redeem yourself. Don’t freak out yet, but give it another try. That’s what the 2nd serve is for.

Never give up half way. The game is never over until the final handshake!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Much to do about Nothing

I usually only blog when I have something in mind. But as I was out with Khee Lung today, he told me that I should blog even though I've got nothing watsoever in my head. Hmm.. something new..

So since he's leaving, Okay la dude here's to your Farewell. I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to write about. (I was literally told to spell it out)
N-O-T-H-I-N-G.... (Farewell gift 4 u) Haha... Cheers..

Oh... actually I do have something to add, Next time if you have something you wanna BUY or wanna DO... DO IT... or BUY IT... straight away. Do not wait. Do not think so much. Why wait like me??

I had to endure agony when I realised that my beloved trench coat was no longer on sale at Zara. I think my face showed how dissapointed I was. Khee Lung told me to listen to Jason Mraz- I'm Your's that was playing in the shop to lighten my mood... But it just made me realise that it was like the trench coat singing to me "I could have been bloody yours"... Aaaaarrrrghhh...